EDEN Perfumes: Review

This time last year my mum decided to become vegan. We all thought she was crazy – how could this lover of lamb tagines and duck pancakes ever give up on meat? But it turned out to be pretty simple really. She bought the Bosh! books, followed tonnes of vegan food bloggers and researched the best vegan restaurants in London. Easy enough right? And now she’d never go back. So, when it got to Xmas last year, I decided to get my mum something to do with her new lifestyle, and it had to be something different. That’s when I came across the Eden Perfumes website– a company which makes cruelty-free fragrances from vegan ingredients. And I could not recommend them enough!

From left to right: EDEN No. 087 Saab Parfum, EDEN No. 083 Madame Glamour & EDEN No. 307 Jimmy Choo.

Before my mum became vegan, I had absolutely no idea how perfumes were made. My only experience of the industry came from a childhood spent dumping rose petals and twigs into a bird bath and hoping for the best – what was I thinking? So when scrolling through articles about perfumes made from sperm whale, cat and other mammal secretions (GROSS!) – I actually realised how hard it was to find vegan fragrances.

As a student with literally zero money, Xmas is usually a stressful time for me – so many presents to buy, so little funds! But with Eden I didn’t feel ripped off at all – their prices seemed pretty reasonable to me. I could purchase a 30ml bottle for £18 or upgrade to 50ml for £24 – for the first time in three years, I could actually click pay without feeling overwhelming panic! Who knew? I ordered on the Sunday and by Wednesday I found myself opening the crisp, white packaging. And the rest is history!

Based in the land of Quadrophenia and Choccywoccydoodah – otherwise known as Brighton – what I loved most about Eden perfumes was how personal the shopping process felt. We all have our favourite perfumes; for me there’s nothing better than a citrusy bottle of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle but for mum, Elie Saab’s La Parfum will always reign supreme. Hosting a variety of fruity, floral and oriental scents, Eden’s website explains that they create “Alternative 100% vegan equivalents to your favourite designer perfumes and aftershaves.” So basically, you can still smell amazing but without harming any animals in the process – sounds good to me!

EDEN Sample Gift Box

I now order all of my perfumes from Eden and my mum does too (she loved her Xmas present btw!) and though the brand doesn’t claim to make fragrances identical to those of designers, in my opinion they come pretty damn close. For me personally, I did find that the smells didn’t last as long as some of the other, non-vegan perfumes that I’ve tried in the past, HOWEVER with such good value for money and environmental positives, I will certainly be buying from Eden for a long time to come. My advice would be to simply carry your perfume with you in your bag and just reapply whenever you need to – problem solved. My mum loves them so much now that she’s just ordered herself a sample gift box of three new fragrances to try (these are super helpful btw) and I can’t lie – I’ve got my eye on a couple of their vegan candles too!

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